Bull Shark Part 1

My third book, Bull Shark Part 1, was released on 28/01/21 on Amazon and 31/01/21 at all good booksellers worldwide. What should be a relaxed, romantic, and recuperative weekend away for Chezdon and Louis in Scotland proves that a stable and happy couple can be torn apart by a chance encounter with a boy wearing a pink hat. From Scotland, England, France, Spain, Italy, and back, love dramatically ends and then renewed on a road trip across Europe as two boys hope to find themselves, only after losing themselves. Buy it now!

Chezdon Mitchell’s third novel, Bull Shark, is about gay relationships in the digital age. With shocking narrative and dark humour, reminiscent of what was discovered in his first book, Innocence Waning, Mitchell thrusts the reader into a holiday from hell that transcends anything that Brexit can ever achieve; sweet wonderful chaos and pure bliss. Colourful characters prove that being gay isn’t just about coming out of the closet and simply existing, but living in the moment. Beware of Bull Shark.