Bull Shark Part 2, Chapter 30 Preview

Bull Shark Part 2, Chapter 30
Cassis, France
Embark on a sun-drenched odyssey from Cadaques to Cassis, where each kilometre weaves a tighter bond between Lucas and Chez. The azure expanse of the Mediterranean Sea stands witness to their evolving connection, as the sea breeze carries untold stories. Amidst the coastal allure of the French Riviera, Lucas seeks solace, the cerulean sea whispering tales of renewal. Against this breathtaking backdrop, a champagne-fueled night unfolds, revealing a captivating blend of vulnerability and truth under the starlit Mediterranean sky. Beware of #bullshark only for free (for now) at http://chezdon.co.uk ¦ #writerscommunity

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By Chezdon

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