Bull Shark Part 2 – Finished

Bull Shark Part 2 – Concept Amazon Hardback Book Cover

Bull Shark Part 2 is now complete.
Crafting Bull Shark Part 2 spanned a meticulous three-year journey. The “ending” underwent five transformative iterations before reaching its final form. Originally intended to be more than a mere chronicle of Chezdon’s story, unforeseen events during European travel in 2020 compelled a narrative shift. To maintain authenticity, I embraced realistic storytelling, steering the tale from Chezdon’s Melbourne backstory to the crucial juncture of meeting Lucas. Rather than relying on the often convenient trope of “memory loss,” I delved into the trauma experienced in Copenhagen, unravelling the layers of Chezdon’s past actions.
The saga continues with Bull Shark Part 3, a work in progress. Stay tuned to http://chezdon.co.uk for updates.
The goal is to unveil Bull Shark Part 3 on or before 14 May 2024. Read the preview text of the whole book for free on the website, for the time being. Beware of #bullshark

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