Bull Shark Part 2 – Published

The hardback, paperback, and eBook versions of Bull Shark Part 2 have been published on Amazon.

Emerging from the chaos in France, Chezdon embarks on the daunting task of rebuilding his life, unravelling the circumstances that prompted his departure from Melbourne. Along the winding road trip, he encounters the mysterious Lucas in Basque Country. Lucas emerges as the linchpin, the only one capable of orchestrating a frenetic and bittersweet conclusion to BULL SHARK PART 2, uniting disparate threads into a compelling climax.

Chezdon Mitchell’s fourth novel, BULL SHARK PART 2, explores the nuances of art, history, cancel culture, and identity in the digital age. Mitchell continues where the European road trip left off with a shocking narrative and dark humour, delivering even more surprising twists and turns. Colourful characters prove that being gay isn’t just about coming out of the closet and existing but living in the moment.

Beware of BULL SHARK

Bull Shark Part 2, Chezdon Mitchell

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