Innocence Waning Part 2 – Portuguese and French Editions Available on Amazon

Both the Portuguese and French editions of Innocence Waning Part 2 are now available worldwide in your local Amazon Marketplace.

The explosive and confronting final part of Innocence Waning finds precocious sixteen-year-old Chezdon Morrison having to navigate a perfect storm of romance, sex, jealousy, drugs, abuse, and confusion with seemingly no way break-free. The Gordian knot that bound his once-perfect life completely unravels as his relationships with friends and family disintegrate as long-hidden secrets are revealed. His addictive personality combined with his questionable choices sends Chezdon further down a rabbit hole that he may not able to escape from. This is the powerful finale to the epic first book that is Innocence Waning and is now available in both the French and Portuguese languages.

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