I am an Aussie bloke from Melbourne who moved to the United Kingdom in 2016 seeking fame and fortune. After achieving little of these, I undertook many road trips around continental Europe, the US and Mexico before establishing myself in London. After securing a decent job, I quickly became bored with the dynamics of Bitcoin and boys on this sceptred isle. All of this motivated me to finally finish Innocence Waning. It is a piece of literary fiction that spans two books. I am now working on my third book, Innocence Waxing.

Innocence Waning Part 1 is the first of two completed books set in Melbourne, Australia. It tells the story of precocious sixteen-year-old Chezdon Morrison who desperately wants to lose his virginity. He has an addictive personality, faces the rigours of attending a Melbourne-based private school and has to adapt to the unfortunate spoils of reality after coming out. Dysfunctional adults play a large role in this fictional piece of literary fiction. Their lives intertwine with those of the teenagers, providing the catalyst for the poignant climax at the conclusion of the second book. This is a realistic story of queer teenage life in Melbourne where Chezdon and his mates learn that in order to find themselves they first have to lose themselves.

Innocence Waning Part 2 is the explosive and confronting final part of Innocence Waning. Chezdon must navigate a perfect storm of romance, sex, jealousy, drugs, abuse, and confusion with seemingly no way break-free. The Gordian knot that bound his once-perfect life completely unravels as his relationships with friends and family disintegrate as long-hidden secrets are revealed. His addictive personality combined with his questionable choices sends Chezdon further down a rabbit hole that he may not able to escape from. This is the powerful finale to the epic first book that is Innocence Waning.

Innocence Waning is currently being distributed by ten of the Amazon Marketplaces. The eBook is available in the following languages with unique cover art:

Innocence Waning Book II : English Version of the Cover Art for the eBook. Available in the Amazon Marketplace.

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About Innocence Waning

Innocence Waning was conceived as a one chapter short story that I wrote at the beginning of the year 2015. That chapter has since been fundamentally changed one hundred times and if doesn’t suck the reader into the story, I have failed as an author. Subsequently, I composed the subsequent five chapters simply to entertain myself around Easter in 2015. I was bored at the time and I was in desperate need of a positive outlet. Good feedback flowed in from unexpected sources and I was encouraged to keep writing. The aforementioned short story morphed into a piece of literary fiction that spans 217,000 words. The full work comprises of two books which took three years of my life to produce.


Innocence Waning Part 1 – Google Play Books Sale

To celebrate that innocence Waning Part 1 is now available on Google Play Books for purchase, the ebook will be on sale starting tomorrow, 10 February 2020, for US $0.99. Innocence Waning Part 2 will be available for purchase on Google Play Books as of 14 March 2020. Happy reading!


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